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Hand of Fathima Hamsa 5 piece wood panel set wall hanging

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Each panel is solid wood 8 inches wide and 40 inches long. The height is adjustable based on the spacing of your choosing. The hand of Fathima (hamsa) Fathima was born during a time when it was a common practice to bury newborn girls alive because they weren’t sons. Instead she was spared educated and raised to be the leader of women. She was known for her beauty, gentle nature and her sharp wit. One day she was cooking and saw her husband admiring another woman. She became so consumed with jealousy that she didn’t notice she burned her hand. This story inspired the concept of the evil eye or an amulet called the “hand of Fathima” or a Hamsa. The hand of Fathima is believed to ward off evil, and evil intent. An #amulet shared between Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. Prayers are said using it to guard fertility and family. Homes and jewelry are commonly decorated with a Hand of Fathima as a stylish ward. Guess who Fathima’s dad was….Muhammad (saw)