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Home Oniship Art Deco

Home Oniship Art Deco Fine Wine Hand painted Vase

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Home Oniship Art Deco Brown Fine Wine Hand painted Vase

12 inches tall
5 inches wide
(Flowers not included)

In her Bordeaux gown and shameless grays she dances like no one is watching. True to her name, Fine Wine.

Tips for keeping cut flowers longer

Don't place flowers in direct sunlight or heat. The sunlight will signal the flowers to further mature resulting in less of a vase life. Vases that block sunlight are best.

Don't place flowers near ripening fruit or vegetables, such as bananas or apples. The release of ethylene from the fruits/veggies can affect the flowers and cause them to wilt and wither away much faster.

Cut the ends of the stems to allow uninhibited water uptake. Refresh water often!