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Home Oniship Art Deco

Indoor Wall Planter (one row 3 pots)

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Get the kids involved with gardening with the Home Oniship Indoor Wall Planter. Write their names next to their plant with fun colored chalk. Even the most picky eater will be excited to eat the food they grew themselves. Fill your kitchen with fresh herbs all year round or fill them with your favorite house plants. It’s The perfect gift for a plant lover! Grow fresh herbs and vegetables all year round in style with the chic Home Oniship Indoor Wall Planter (patent pending) PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS: Each pot includes a removable 4 inch plant pot with drainage holes. Each pot also includes a BPA-Free plastic liner to prevent leaks and maintain moisture. Mount the unit onto the wall, Insert the plastic liners into each pot, then add plants either in the included 4 inch pot hidden inside the metal pot. Or add plants directly inside the plastic liner. Remove the insert to tend to plants, no need to ever remove the unit from the wall Label and erase directly onto the surface with chalk (included) Handmade with solid reclaimed wood- Hangs on the wall with ease just like a picture frame 24Lx6Wx5D Priced per panel (one row of 3 pots). Write and erase on the surface with chalk 3- 4.5-inch diameter pots per panel Each unit is handmade with solid hardwood and renewable materials, direct from the design crafter's workbench, not a factory. Horizontal mount also available in separate listing